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We offer a convenient menu selection designed to make life easier for our customers. Choose between two options: one catered to individuals and families, and another tailored specifically for our senior community. Our senior menu features smaller, more manageable portions for smaller appetites. At Kristin’s Kitchen, we strive to provide a hassle-free dining experience for everyone.

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A healthy, delicious dinner in no time at all!

All our food is made fresh continuously throughout the week, hand made right here in our kitchen. We do not buy premade anything, which means no added preservatives and clean eating.  This is a wonderful alternative to hitting the drive-thru. Just swing by Kristin’s Kitchen and grab something out of the grab-n-go case or place your order online for pick up or delivery.


Delicious!!! Every. Single. Time! We love the prepared meals to go as well. So many favorites. Power salad, White Chili, Teriyaki Shrimp, Lemon Chicken, the grilled veggies…everything is delicious. Kristin’s Kitchen is such an awesome asset to Lexington. Thank ya’ll so much. We can taste your dedication.


Best Chicken Pot Pie in SC! Great food options for all!


Great selection of cooked entrees and salads, vegan and gluten free also available. Individual and family portions. Very tasty.


I have been eating food from Kristin’s Kitchen for over a year now. The food has always been very good and there is always a lot of variety from week to week. I have been eating two of her meals a day now for over a year and it has made a huge difference in my ability to lose weight and maintain it without feeling like I was on a strict diet!


I fell in love with the recipes. They are basic, healthy, home made recipes. Each one I have tried has been successful in our family. I really do appreciate the time Kristin takes to share these recipes. Thank you, thank you!!!


I get food weekly and it is the best. Also took lasagna, quiche and chicken salad to the beach and everyone loved it.


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