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Kristin’s Kitchen specializes in bringing home-cooked and portion-controlled meals to you and your family. Meals can be purchased individually, or family-sized and are made fresh daily.


Established in 2016

Kristin’s Kitchen was established in 2016, by Lexington resident Kristin Tyler. Kristin grew up in New Jersey and loved cooking as a child with her family. Kristin and her family moved to Lexington in 2002, where she and her husband, Drew, raised their 2 girls, Alex and Angie. After being a stay-at-home mom for many years, Kristin realized that so many families were eating fast food at night and she wanted to help families get back around the table, even on those busy nights.

Kristin’s Kitchen offers a variety of foods!

Kristin has learned a lot with her businesses. She has learned that success is earned, that a support system is vital to growing a business and that the people of Lexington really are top notch. “The wonderful people of Lexington want to see me succeed and they help out every way they can, whether it be word of mouth or posting kind comments on Facebook. Everyone has been so supportive and I realized what an amazing town I live in.”

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