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How does it work?

I created Kristin’s Kitchen as a quick grab and go meal option for individuals and families. Order online and get it delivered to your door or pick up at our kitchen located at 5166 Sunset Blvd Lexington. We are not an eat in restaurant. We are grab and go only. You can also just come by the Kitchen and grab our ready-made meals from the case.

How does ordering work?

We post the new menu every Thursday. You have two menu options to choose  from. You can choose from  the regular menu with pick up or delivery available on Monday and  Tuesday. Or you can choose the Senior Menu which is delivered on Thursday between 10-12. You have until Sunday at 8:00 PM to place your order.This gives us enough time to prep your orders before pick up or delivery.

* For example, if you order on Thursday it will not be available the next day on Friday but will be available the following week.*

You can stay in the loop by getting on our email list where we send out the new menu.

How does the delivery work? Do I need to be home?

We notify all customers 30 minutes prior to delivery. Deliveries begin at 3:00 on Monday and  Tuesdays and 10:00 on Thursdays.

If you will not be home for delivery: Please leave out a cooler (large enough for your order) with ice packs visibly for us to leave the food in. If you have an outside fridge, we can also unload it for you there. You can leave gate or garage codes in the delivery instructions box during your checkout when you make your online order.

We will not leave food with out some type of Cooler and ice packs as food is perishable.

How long is the food good for?

We prepare our meals the same week you will receive them so it’s best to eat it within the week. All our meals come with eat-by dates on them.

What if I need to suddenly cancel my delivery order?

Please reach out to our team by phone ASAP.

What if I forget to pick up my order?

We will reach out to you for a reminder, but if you don’t pick up you will be charged for your meals.

I have dietary restrictions/ allergies and I’m not sure if I can have something.

We note on our menu what items are Vegan, GF, Nut Free. If you have a specific concern, please feel to reach out to us via email and we can easily let you know if any of our dishes are in-compliant to your dietary needs.

How much will a family portion/ single portion size meal feed?

Family portioned sized meals typically feed 4 people. Our single portions are designed to be portioned for one single person.

Can I freeze my meals?

Our meals are not meant to be frozen, so it is up to your discretion.  We do offer frozen meals in our Kitchen and you are welcome to stop in any time and pick from the freezer case.

Why are there 2 menus?

Our regular menu is a more extensive menu that offers food for individual and family sizes.

Our Senior menu is designed for our older clients.  The meal sizes are smaller, and the menu has fewer items.

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